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About Us

Welcome to Murphy’s Cellar, where the Irish spirit comes to life! Whether you’re looking for a cozy meal or a thrilling activity, Murphy’s Cellar is the place to be.


Murphy’s Cellar is a lively venue, offering a range of activities for the whole family to enjoy. From bowling to Prison Island, shuffleboard to lasertag and dining. Here is something for everyones tastes and preferences.






Prison Island


Demo Site

Please note that ”Murphy’s Cellar” is a demo site used purely for illustrative purposes to showcase the integration of Funbutlers booking system with a multi-activity center. While the site may feature a realistic layout and activity offerings, it is not a real business and any bookings or inquiries made through the site will not be processed or fulfilled. 

The purpose of this demo site is solely to demonstrate the capabilities of Funbutlers booking system and how it can be seamlessly integrated with a multi-activity center to provide a smooth and efficient booking experience for customers.