Murthy’s Cellar serves as a demo site for a demo Activity Center set up by Funbutler, a booking and marketing system. Funbutler is a platform designed to facilitate the organization, management, and promotion of various leisure and entertainment activities.

The demo site at Murthy’s Cellar serves as a simulated environment where users can interact with the Funbutler Activity Center system. It provides a practical demonstration of the system’s functionalities, such as event scheduling, ticketing, customer registration, and marketing automation.


Funbutler seamlessly integrates with the venue’s operations, providing a comprehensive solution for managing activities, coordinating bookings, and promoting events. Funbutler has a user-friendly interface and at this demo site can visitors witness the efficiency of the system in action.

Through this demonstration, we as Funbutler aims to showcase the benefits of our booking and marketing system, including improved efficiency, streamlined processes, enhanced customer experiences, and increased revenue potential. We also aim throught this demo site to give you a clear understanding of how Funbutler can meet your specific needs and support your business objectives.

If you find Funbutler and our system intriguing and are interested in exploring further, then you can visit Funbutler’s official business website at The website serves as a comprehensive platform where you can gather more information about Funbutler’s offerings. You can also explore the different pricing options available and compare the features provided by Funbutler. By visiting the website, you can delve deeper into the functionalities, and our various API connections to make your administartion more streemline.

We at Funbutler understand the importance of managing activities and bookings seamlessly, and our system is designed to simplify these tasks. We hope that Murthy’s Cellar served as a compelling demonstration of the capabilities of Funbutler. We eagerly await hearing from you soon, as we would love to discuss how our system can benefit your business. Thank you for visiting Murthy’s Cellar and considering Funbutler for your leisure and entertainment needs.